Our Services

ViridiSkills offers a variety of consultancy services using both our extensive in house expertise and our highly experienced professional partners.


We specialise in areas of analytical chemistry including stable and radioactive isotopes, forensics and nuclear forensics. Previous projects include:

  • chemical characterisation of reactor materials
  • development of tailor-made analytical procedures
  • the behaviour of elements/radionuclides in the environment
  • chemical fingerprinting of materials for forensic examination
  • gamma density metering for the oil and gas industry
  • use of radiotracers for monitoring environmental pollution

Quality assurance

Viridian Consultants provides technical assessors to the United Kingdom Accreditation Service and offers advice and training for laboratories wishing to apply for accreditation under ISO17025 and ISO17043, including provision of experienced internal auditors.

Training courses

The company is committed to education and training in analytical science, particularly in support of the nuclear skills pipeline. It offers highly effective training in a variety of programmes ranging from introductory one day courses to tailor-made in-house programmes including analytical science, valid analytical measurement, radioactivity and its measurement, sampling and sample preparation, instrumental techniques of analysis and quality assurance.