Viridian at ICOND 2023 in Aachen, Germany

Meeting old friends and new, thanks to AINT

  • Posted On: 15 November 2023
Viridian at ICOND 2023 in Aachen, Germany

It is our second visit to the conference in Aachen, and once again Andy has enjoyed making new connections in the nuclear decommissioning sector in Germany. Thanks to Dr Marius Hirsch and Professor Bruno Thomauske, he was able to talk to key operators working on decommissioning in Germany and even take part in a “speed-dating” experience to meet other relevant companies. We are indebted to the team at AiNT GmbH for their continued support and hospitality.

Viridian established in North America

ATS Industrial Automation announces a collaboration agreement with Viridian Consultants

  • Posted On: 3 October 2023
Viridian established in North America The company, based in Ontario, will provide its expertise in tooling delivery to automate the deployment of ViridiScope for high radiation areas. The agreement expands the ATS Industrial Automation nuclear decommissioning offering to include material characterization, a critical step in the nuclear decontamination and decommissioning process.  Importantly, the agreement also opens up access to our laser sampling tool for nuclear power customers in North America....

Kym and Chris visit Chalk River

A successful trip to train the folks at the Canadian Nuclear Laboratory

  • Posted On: 15 August 2023
Kym and Chris visit Chalk River Kym and Chris travelled to Ontario to meet the team responsible for deploying our technology on the CNL site. “It was a very positive training session,” she said. “Everyone is very enthusiastic about making use of ViridiScope now that they are ‘SQEP’d’.  It is an exciting time at Chalk River: CNL is actively decommissioning aging infrastructure and building new, world-class science facilities. It is adopting a modern and integrated approach to...

Analysts Informal Working Group visit Corwen

A great opportunity to discuss the use of ViridiScope in a laboratory environment

  • Posted On: 20 July 2023
Analysts Informal Working Group visit Corwen The AIWG (Analysts Informal Working Group) travelled to Corwen for a meeting that included a demonstration of ViridiScope. It was a great opportunity to talk to experienced analysts who are responsible for the measurement of radioactivity in their laboratory. Although we are used to seeing ViridiScope deployed on nuclear sites in, sometimes, quite extreme conditions, it is also possible to use laser sampling in the laboratory to avoid crushing and grinding contaminated material. It was also...

Can on-site radiological characterisation be as reliable as sending samples off-site?

Comparison of Cs-137 results obtained for a set of concrete samples

  • Posted On: 8 June 2023
Can on-site radiological characterisation be as reliable as sending samples off-site? We are frequently asked about the reliability of the results we obtain using HGRS on decommissioning nuclear sites. How is it possible that a 100 mg sample of concrete collected using ViridiScope in just 120 s and counted for only ten minutes can be as dependable as a 50 g sample sent to an off-site laboratory. We don’t claim to get down to the very low detection limits required for clearance, but we can detect and quantify activity in ILW, LLW and VLLW, down to 10 Bq/g for Cs-137 and...