Can on-site radiological characterisation be as reliable as sending samples off-site?

Comparison of Cs-137 results obtained for a set of concrete samples

  • Posted On: 8 June 2023
Can on-site radiological characterisation be as reliable as sending samples off-site? We are frequently asked about the reliability of the results we obtain using HGRS on decommissioning nuclear sites. How is it possible that a 100 mg sample of concrete collected using ViridiScope in just 120 s and counted for only ten minutes can be as dependable as a 50 g sample sent to an off-site laboratory. We don’t claim to get down to the very low detection limits required for clearance, but we can detect and quantify activity in ILW, LLW and VLLW, down to 10 Bq/g for Cs-137 and...

Delighted to demonstrate ViridiScope to our visitors from Atkins

It was a pleasure to discuss the capabilities of our laser sampler with a team of experts from Atkins

  • Posted On: 10 May 2023
Delighted to demonstrate ViridiScope to our visitors from Atkins Our visitors are always surprised how quiet ViridiScope is in operation, the compactness of the control systems, and the lightness of the sampling head. We particularly enjoyed the opportunity to discuss things analytical with our colleagues from Atkins at our North Wales workshop, including our ability to begin measuring gross alpha/beta and gamma spectra within minutes of sample collection. In situations where there are thousands of samples to be collected, using ViridiScope can save time...

ViridiScope goes to Chalk River

Celebrating our first export to Canada

  • Posted On: 21 March 2023
ViridiScope goes to Chalk River We have been busy supporting our first export to Canada, where our customers in the Canadian National Laboratory at Chalk River, Ontario, have been setting up ViridiScope under our guidance. The laboratory at Chalk River is a site of major research and development to support and advance nuclear technology, particularly CANDU reactor technology so we look forward to supporting CNL now and in future developments, particularly in characterisation of decommissioning facilities at the Chalk River...

In Feb 2017, we advertised for an engineer

The role was originally offered as a six month contract to work on our major “first of a kind” deployment project, but soon we will be celebrating Christopher Bateman being part of the team at Viridian Consultants Ltd for six years!

  • Posted On: 22 February 2023
In Feb 2017, we advertised for an engineer

During that time he has faced the wide variety of challenges and stringent requirements involved in taking our equipment onto decommissioning nuclear licensed sites – always remaining calm under pressure.

Viridian Consultants at ICOND

Viridian was delighted to be invited to speak about our laser sampler at the ‘International Conference on Nuclear Decommissioning’

  • Posted On: 15 November 2022
Viridian Consultants at ICOND Our contribution, entitled ‘Site Characterization with ViridiScope, a Laser Tool for Remote Sampling’, was presented at the workshop on decommissioning services and products yesterday. Other contributors to the session included Nuvia, Framatome, Nukem & Mirion. ICOND is the leading decommissioning conference in the EU, with more than 300 international participants, more than 40 exhibitors and more than 35 professional speakers. The conference is organized by the Aachen...