Viridian welcomes a new member of the team!

Christopher Sneddon has recently finished his doctoral thesis on the temporal and spatial characteristics of nuclear sector derived radionuclides. He has been working on projects funded by SEPA and the EA to characterise sites to identify hot spots of radioactivity, so he is no stranger to working in the field under challenging conditions while making in situ measurements for radionuclides. His work has taken him around the country, sampling some of the more radioactively contaminated sites within the UK.

  • Posted On: 16 August 2017
Viridian welcomes a new member of the team! Chris says: Having spent the past four years researching various aspects of nuclear sector derived environmental radioactivity, I’m excited by the opportunity to go to the source and work at five high profile nuclear sites. The industrial setting will be a contrast to the saltmarshes, mudflats and inevitable patch of quicksand that I’ve become accustomed to. I’m sure these sites will provide an interesting new challenge as I contribute to Viridian’s field trials of the Viridiscope system. Over the next few weeks I will be helping transform the facility in Northern Wales to allow us to deploy Viridiscope to facilities by the end of the year as well as exploring what Wales has to offer in terms of fishing and scenery.