Sampling on a pole

A client has asked “How can we characterise our pond wall without scaffolding?”

  • Posted On: 14 February 2024
Sampling on a pole

We have put ViridiScope on several different platforms over the years, including wall-climbers, but the simplest and most effective solution for pond walls is a pole.

The laser sampling head is attached to an extendable pole that is lowered manually to the required sampling position. Sensors on the head ensure that ViridiScope is in contact with the surface to be sampled. It takes just two minutes to collect sufficient material for in situ characterisation of the concrete surface.

ViridiScope does not operate under water, but once the pond is drained it can take samples even if the surface is damp. Samples can be characterised within minutes of collection, speeding up the process if the plan is to remove the surface of the pond wall as part of the clean-up operation.

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