Kym and Chris visit Chalk River

A successful trip to train the folks at the Canadian Nuclear Laboratory

  • Posted On: 15 August 2023
Kym and Chris visit Chalk River

Kym and Chris travelled to Ontario to meet the team responsible for deploying our technology on the CNL site. “It was a very positive training session,” she said. “Everyone is very enthusiastic about making use of ViridiScope now that they are ‘SQEP’d’. 

It is an exciting time at Chalk River: CNL is actively decommissioning aging infrastructure and building new, world-class science facilities. It is adopting a modern and integrated approach to handle competing project priorities, starting with complete radiological characterization of many building structures deploying modern survey tools. Once fully implemented, these improvements will ensure that quality information is readily available at all stages of decommissioning, which greatly reduces project schedules and results in important company savings. 

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