Magnox invite Viridian to an ‘ideas2input’ meeting

The ‘i2i’ sessions will be used to shape Magnox’s supply chain strategy, technical solutions and programme delivery approach.

  • Posted On: 2 February 2021
Magnox invite Viridian to an ‘ideas2input’ meeting

Viridian attended a webinar held by Magnox in November 2020 to outline the development of its delivery approach for new site-specific decommissioning strategies. It attracted 500 delegates from large and small businesses. The event included presentations from the Head of Procurement, the Programme Manager for Continuous Reactor Decommissioning and the Head of Technical Strategy. The presentations are now available on the MagnoxSites YouTube channel.  The next phase of engagement with the supply chain is a series of sessions designed to seek input from the supply chain. The ‘i2i’ or ‘ideas2input’ sessions focus primarily on programme and project delivery, waste management, and dismantling/demolition. 
We were delighted to receive an invitation to meet with Magnox over Zoom. It was an excellent opportunity for us to showcase our capabilities in waste management and to discuss what developments are in the pipeline. Susan said, ‘We highlighted our work at Trawsfynydd decommissioning power plant, which is particularly relevant as Magnox’s future strategy is to use it as their ‘Lead and Learn’ site'.


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